20% off burgers nationwide

Thursday 23rd August 2018

Hundreds of venues offering an exclusive discount

20% off burgers

The most important day in the culinary calendar is back for 2018. Mr Hyde National Burger Day will be kicking off the burger celebrations on Thursday 23 August, where venues nationwide will be offering a discount on man’s greatest creation: The humble burger. 

If you are having difficulty receiving your voucher please email burgers@mrhyde.com 

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Want to keep the burger love flowing? Head over to Hawker House (5 minutes from Canada Water) on 30th August 2018, where we’ll be hosting over 2,000 Mr Hyde readers and DJs, a mind boggling array of whiskeys and truckloads (literally) of beer. Oh and the best burger vendors around. Obviously. Tickets will be on sale on Thursday 9 August. 

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